Monday, November 24, 2008

scenes from the weekend: including Le sconelets

(scones and bowl by Gary Rith, Penny, Spike and Emily lazing away)
Sheesh, Monday already?
OK, baking le sconelets first. What I like about scones for breakfast is you set them on the table, then you eat them. There is no toasting, no spreading of jam, flipping of eggs, stirring of porridge. Just open the bag and eat. As long as you made them the day before. Scones, of course, are sort of English country biscuits, usually baked full of butter and cream, to which I am allergic. I make a wicked good scone with margerine and soy yogurt (DON'T GAG UNTIL YOU TRY IT, and be glad you are not allergic to dairy!) i doubt if anyone would be able to guess these are not baked with butter etc.
As for the bowl, it is well known I like ridgey pots. I also like squared off pots. How do you make something made round with ridges squared???? test number one turned out well.


Anonymous said...

Heart shaped scones? Great idea!!
My kids love them split open, spread with homemade jam, and sandwiched back together. YUM.

Newt said...

Cool! But I gotta put jam on my scones. Or at least butter and honey.

Linda Starr said...

Cute scones, I'm with Newt, butter and honey.