Thursday, November 13, 2008

me and EDITH

(Liam Neeson)
So, me and the missus have had a petite Edith Wharton thing going on. We went to her house last week, remember? She is not a cheerful writer, in my small experience. I read "The House of Mirth" this week which was written in the house we visited. Disaster and doom from page one, and then the heroine dies, alone..... So we watched "Ethan Frome" with Liam Neeson last night which is a wonderful movie, but NOT exactly a romantic comedy. Everybody does not end up dead, instead they end up despised and crippled. Great.

The movie, however, was filmed in northern Vermont. I went to college in Vermont, and lived not far (in New Hampshire for ten years) from Peacham, VT where the movie was filmed. YES yes yes there are little towns all over Vermont and New Hampshire that look just like Peacham. I was thrilled, because our friends Tony and Susan live there, and Denis lives not too far from there. ANYWAY, still a gloomy story of love and betrayal, blah blah blah


denis said...

i did not know 'ethan frome' was filmed in peacham. i think 'spit fire grill' was too.

Miss Heather said...

I haven't seen Ethan Frome... I should watch it! You guys should see Charlie Wilson's War, if you haven't yet... watched it last night and LOVED IT!!

Anonymous said...

This one sounds like too much of a downer for me.
Spit Fire Grill is a wonderful film.