Saturday, November 15, 2008

the return, the getting the act back together, the reunion

(My little radish on the left, my pal Wendy on the right, last seen in high school!)
How many vegan restaurants are there in this world? Very few. Sugarpearl in Syracuse is largely vegan, all vegetarian. We got our clay and supplies on the west side of Syracuse (tools and toys too!) and then met my long lost high school pal Wendy for lunch then went over to play with her sweet little dog. Wendy was and is an absolutely lovely person--totally calm and cool and interesting. Let's just say that we picked up where we had left off the conversation...back in 1982 (I was in touch with her older sister Mary Beth until 1987 or 1988). It is somewhat hilarious catching up with the young friend you remember when there are many unexpectedly crazy adult years in between. Thank the Good Lord we aren't in high school anymore....
OK, there is a petite monsoon out there and the water is DEEP but I must dash and unload 500 pounds of clay into the dungeon...


Farmer*swife said...

How fun and awesome! I bet your "radish" (Gary, you gotta' find some better veggies and side names for her) really enjoyed y'alls trip down memory lane!

So fun.

OK, Kevin...I mean, Gary....Survive the monsoon!

Any Santa's going out there yet?


kate et jim said...

*FW - your comment (re: 'veggies and side names') sent us into side splitting laughter! :)

Gary - your comment of: "Let's just say that we picked up where we had left off the conversation...back in 1982" the nicest compliment to your friend Wendy. What a great time you all must have had.

Um - not very much food on those plates, is there??? :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Kate--it was one of those restaurants where the food is a pretty little art piece arranged on the plate!
and FW, the little names keep peeping into my head like a little dream hamster!

Anonymous said...

Love your pet names for your sweetie! What a treat to meet your long-lost friend!! Sometimes it hurts to have to destroy food-art, but ya gotta chow down, eh? Good thing you have a kiln to keep the dungeon warm. I picture you drying off and warming your hands near it.
Hugs from the far side, ~ Sil