Friday, November 14, 2008

my beloved said to me today:

(Emily and Spike cats)
My beloved Turnip said to me today (when looking at the cats curled up together):
"They look like two licorice drops!"

Was out carousing with potters tonight. There were not one but TWO bonfires and a lot of handmade beer steins....and it is true what they say: potters have more fun!


Knight said...

That sounds like a great time. I really miss bonfires.

Anonymous said...

Oh man... Bonfires - carousing!

We're jealous!

Susan as Herself said...

Awww, licorice drops. Yum. Or, maybe chocolate drops. Either way, sweet treats to describe two sweet looking kitties.

Anonymous said...

That's it, I really must convince dh to build us a firepit. Bonfires and beer steins!!

Anonymous said...

mmmm licorice