Monday, November 3, 2008

The Mount

SO, we drove about 230 miles each way on Sunday to Masachusetts to see Edith Wharton's House, called The Mount. We did so because it may be closing forever this fall, or maybe not.
Edith Wharton was born Edith Jones, and it was a very wealthy family about which 'keeping up with the Joneses' was coined. She became arguably America's most famous female writer with 'House of Mirth', written in this house, plus 'Ethan Frome', and 'The Age of Innocence' etc.
The reason we visited the house is that it is this:
She built the house with her husband in 1902, and he began using her money on mistresses. After 2 years she left the house and husband for Europe and never lived in America again, the house eventually became a girls school etc, and fell into terrible condition. This foundation has spent about 15 million restoring the place, but they need maybe 25-30 million more (!!!!!) and the bank was to foreclose last Friday October 31, but they have been given a month's extension. So, will they raise the 3 million they need this fall or not? Not an easy time to do business with banks, Fall of 2008!
Anyway, the house is the only place in the world dedicated to this writer, and it is an extraordinary place, if only a summer cottage (!!!). Western Massachusetts is so pretty, this house is on a lake with huge gardens and woods, a real treat to visit.
We saw snow all over New York state, including some still at my parents, but the weather was good and it was a long and fun day even if we didn't have time for Woodstock also.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

45 million to restore a house, yo? A summer cottage, no less. Hmmmm. Sounds like the government got involved.

What a great Sunday outing! I would like to visit someday, it looks just lovely.

kate et jim said...

The house and grounds are beautiful, Gary. Glad you had a great time.

Wish we could have made it. *sigh*.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, making the time to go!
We did an armchair whirlwind of the US last night; all 6 of us watching the 7 natural wonders of the USA.

denis said...

what a cottage!

Jessica said...

Pretty! I love visiting historical homes. :)

Linda Starr said...

Love the garden walls, so nice you had good weather for your trip.

Miss Heather said...

I'm so jealous you got to go to Edith Wharton's home! I have a degree in English Literature so I have a passion for historical sites related to anything like that. (I think me and the missus would get along great!)... It's amazing. I'm jealous of your trip!!

And don't forget to vote tomorrow if you haven't voted early already. Obama needs every vote!

fiwa said...

That is so weird. I am reading House of Mirth right now, for the first time.

I hope they can find the fundage to keep it open.

ML said...

We should all have a neat little summer cottage like that! I wonder how many people it took to keep that little (?) beauty clean and tidy.

Reb said...

Wow, that is very beautiful. Sounds like a good trip.