Sunday, November 9, 2008

our doggy visitor

My parents' dog is still here.
It was a rough night. 3 am and she was pacing around. She left a puddle on the rug. She doesn't quite understand holding back, and Penny attacked and chased her out of the kitchen at feeding time. Nobody hurt, but a little stressful. I want my guest to be as happy and well-treated as possible, but it is, you know, a challenge with an energetic dog used to living with two very indulgent owners (unlike here, where she is the bottom of the pack ladder).


kate et jim said...

Aw - poor Abby. She can't help it. She's out of her comfort zone.

When does she leave? lol

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I may take her to her own house as soon as possible and wait for the parents to return.

Farmer*swife said...

Oh, she's cute! But, I almost snorted out loud when I saw her picture. She totally doesn't fit in with the Potter's Scene! LOL!

Happy Sunday!

Gordo said...

That's probably a good idea all around, Gary. Better for her, you'll feel better and better for Penny as well.

ML said...

Great idea! I'm thinking it's been pretty darn hard on all concerned, both human and canine! And she's such a pretty girl! You think maybe that's it? A little feminine jealousy there, perhaps? Because Buster truly looks totally hohum over the whole thing.