Sunday, October 5, 2008

wet pots and handles

(pots by Gary Rith--I got into the mood to make some doggy and kitty bowls too)
I seem to get a lot done on weekends. You say 'but Gary, why aren't you down at The Rose or Ragman's with beers watching football?????? I mean, Gary, the Jets have Brett Favre and the Bills are 4 and O!!!!!!'. Which is frankly a very good question. Easily answered: a person has to buy the cat crunchies and the doggy bones. Next week the world comes to the studio, and as long as the kiln functions (crosses self) we gotta make it and sell it. And fire it.
And football is on the radio!


Farmer*swife said...


Whooop, here I am! Whoop-whoop!

[Thanks for all the help!]

Green said...

I think she's excited to be here, Gary...Texas style! :) *Glad to see you back FW. I left a note on your blog.

You know - We'd love to come up and visit you again, but that drive amongst those hills (egg carton style) is awful! Hope you have a great turnout!


Miss Heather said...

Kay, so I'm laying on my couch watching Football (since it is my passion in life) and I just don't think listening to it on the radio would work for me. Come on, take a three hour break... you can do it!

denis said...

what a productive potter you are!

Wep said...

Your puppies and kitties thank you for all your hard work :)

Linda Starr said...

Amazing how those handles are so thick at the top and thin at the bottom. I don't care one whip about football, but I do about kitties and doggies.

Anonymous said...

Love those handles (love handles? Bwahahahaha, I crack myself up)

Football on TV = beer, and it's probably hard to make good pottery and drink appropriate amounts of beer for football AT THE SAME TIME. So I can understand your compromise.

My teams suck, so I'm taking naps instead.