Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My bloggy pal and customer Knight ordered a black vase and was so pleased with it she vlogged it. Knight is a New Yorker and lives in black, and you will see that the vase suits her color scheme very well.

In other news, back to the usual dreams last night, and this was a good one. Dreamt it was warm (HA! snowing here) and I was at a strawberry farm and there were fresh strawberries and a banquet! Yay!
So here are some funky little sugar bowls.....


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Gary! I'm hoping you'll post a pic of your snow once it grows light enough outside. Yes?

Black pottery now makes me think of Knight. :)
And those are some funky sugar bowls!

But I think I just got Cheri's word verification: duckili !!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

We have the barest trace of snow, and I will get a pic when it is light out.

Tink said...

Knight is so cute! I love how she says your name too, Geary. Hehe.

Lynda said...

Another happy customer! And that brown sugar bowl color looks very longhornish ;-)

fiwa said...

Awww... it's our Knight! How cool!

Knight said...

Ha, I almost didn't post the vlog because I was trying to limit my arm movements which just made me look strange.
I want the funky sugar bowl in the middle!

Barbara Martin said...

Dreaming of summer, Gary? My trusty oracle dream book says this about 'summer':

"You are likely to hear some surprising news if you dreamed o summer in any other season".

So tell us when you hear this surprising news, okay?