Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Le coffee pots

(zebra and cow coffee pots by Gary Rith)
A student of mine asked last night about coffee pots. We were making tea pots, and he described his melitta coffee pot at home: the type with the cone filter used either atop a specially made pot, or a cone filter intended for use atop a mug. I said I had two kicking around, and would post them. Bonjour TOM!
The first coffee pots I made had the cone filter sitting atop the pot. The wife asked if they could be made to sit inside the rim neatly, which is what you see here. So, there are 3 items: the pot itself, you pour hot water into the cone filter, then when finished, replace the cone with the lid.
A customer on Saturday looked at these and thought the hole was quite big. That is what I have found works best.


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

That's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I approve of the colors. BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue
I love me some BLUE.

PS: Do you remember the rock group Zebra? I recall only 1 album, and maybe 1 or 2 hits...

Reb said...

Those are lovely Gary!

Di Mackey said...

You talented talented talented talented man!

The French and the Belgians would love this. I met my first plastic version of this in France over the summer.

Oh, I am so glad I don't live within affordable shipping distance of you because I truly would buy ALL of your pottery.

Your ernest New Zealand fan based in Belgium.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Very clever Gary!