Friday, October 31, 2008

shots from the day so far

I am actually lurking about the Cornell campus and working in the pot shop there today all day, so this is a brief break. You can see some clever frat boy dressed the Ezra Cornell statue for Halloween, and look at Penny and Buster warming up!
Lastly, the missus. We had a picnic just now near Uncle Ezra's statue (gawd I'm stuffed) and I am not sure she looks all that spooky or dressed up for Halloween--I mean, who knows what is under that parka? Tart? Minx? Witch? Racoon?


Wep said...


Definitely Minx. I think that's my favorite endearing term.

Gordo said...

Wow, that's a pretty manic grin, Gary. Be careful what you say. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Pottsb. looks so beautiful in the top photo. And the dogs always look good, though I think Penny's expression seems to say, "I really should be IN FRONT of Buster".

Anonymous said...

If you want some more Cornell/Halloween humor, go to to download last night's episode of "The Office". Andy and Dwight really go at it.

Unknown said...

What a super duper, lovely photo of Miss Maude. Gorgeous gal, she is, you lucky duck, you.
And the scenery surrounding old Ez, is really spectacular. (Exits L humming "Far above Cayuga's water's, la, la, la, la, la!"

Anonymous said...

Nice to see ol' Ezra suited up for the day! A picnic sounds wonderful. Dh & I went for a hike but failed to bring a picnic along. I *did* bring 2 water bottles, which were more certainly needed! (My new header pic is from the hike.)

Heading out for the final football game in town tonight. Perfect weather: cold and clear. Still trying to figure out how to accomodate our own trick-or-treaters, since there is none to be had in our own neck of the woods. Hmmmm...which neighborhood to drive to?

Anonymous said...

Penny is ridiculously photogenic. I love the new pic of her and Spike.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If I thought for a minute that my hair would grow out like your wife's I'd quit coloring it.

What a wonderful looking day with great company.