Wednesday, October 29, 2008


By Ladytron, who are from Glasgow or somewhere like that. A kickin' good tune for my ghost themed week.


Anonymous said...

The screen is all a bunch of ghosts. I'll just imagine the tune... it probably sounds like the wind that kept me awake all night... that, and the fact my hands and feet never warmed up! I got up at 4am and made cinnamon swirl muffins for the boys and a pot of coffee for me!
Next is a big pot of taco soup: some to go in for a teacher appreciation luncheon, some to simmer away for an early supper.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Worked this time.
I'm not sure which was more disturbing - all those rabbits (I kept worrying the wolf/dog would eat them) or her overuse of Kohl around the eyes.
Is it strange that a car being driven by a ghost does NOT disturb me??