Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the pet haiku challenge!

Here's a CHALLENGE for readers. My sister-in-law Emily wrote the haiku below, perhaps about Spike, and suggests others may want to write a pet haiku too. They are somehow both easy and difficult. Easy because they are short, difficult because you count syllables and you want to say something clever.
Try it if you wish, and comment. Here's the form (as best I understand it):
-should be nature themed (but don't worry about that)
-does not have to rhyme
-3 lines: 5 syllables first, 7 syllables second and 5 syllables third line.

One large lazy cat
Rolling on the comforter
proudly shows belly.

(Spike and Penny)


Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

Here is one that I wrote for the most fab cat with an eating disorder-

Martin my sweet boy
Eat too much and toss cookies
Love you none the less

Martin Luther Cat was rescued when he was about 5 months old- he was never fed regularly, so he would (and still does) gorge himself, his poor tummy can't handle it. Martin is now 8 years old and still has a bit of a problem, although we are very careful about how much we feed him at once. I put up with his "bulimia" because he is the sweetest guy in the world- and I love him!

Lynda said...

Spike the lazy cat
Penny the happy beagle
Both are dearly loved

(Who knew the haiku
fraught with syllable trials
Could cause this much angst?)

Reb said...

I don't do Haiku
Sibu won't look when he plays
When I'm bugging him

Yeah, that sucks! He is so funny, he lays with his paws stretched out and I tickle them, he turns his head away, then tries to catch my fingers.

Anonymous said...

That first haiku is brilliant! It could be about one of my cats, Little Miss Maude, who also has a kitty eating disorder. I think she went through early kittenhood trauma in a group home, even though otherwise she seems okay. She eats much too fast and then...technicolor yawn. Her sister (same litter) doesn't do this.

Miss Heather said...
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Miss Heather said...

Newtie the Turtle
Sleeps and crawls in his big tank
And loves to eat food

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Technicolor yawn, har!

Hilary said...

Oh pottery man..
Do you make pots for herbs?
If so, you're kiln thyme.

Gary's third pottery blog said...


Linda Starr said...

Not a pet Haiku, but due to my current addiction, need I say more?

Potter is always
Wares today for tomorrow
Clay formed into art.

Ok here is a pet one:

Pet provides comfort
Undeniably to all
Deservedly so.

Reb said...

I linked to you on my blog today, about the pet haiku!

Hilary said...

It took re-reading about this at Reb's blog to realize you said "pet haiku".. let me try again..

Jack Russell Terror
Benny pesters my feline
And hisses ensue

Gary's third pottery blog said...


Jessica said...

I'm still working on it....great exercise--haiku is not my thing.

Jessica said...

Dog contently waits
until the doorbell buzzes
barking will commence.

About my dog Rufus! I'm going to link to you later with this. So much fun! :D

Chatty said...

Proud shih-tzu got shorn
No more eyes peeking through hair
Stunned disbelief reigns

Chatty said...

"Kiln thyme" - LOVE IT!!!

And, I thought I had the world's only bulimic cat - glad to know I'm not alone. However, mine has no excuse like a deprived or worrisome childhood - I've had her since she was 9 weeks old, and she's 16 now. I swear - she does it just to get my goat (and my attention)! She sits absolutely still, gazes at me, opens her mouth, and whoopsies. Then, she stalks away, lies down and takes her 19th nap du jour *sigh* Of course, she is Siamese, which probably explains a lot...

Anonymous said...

Chatty, I think that is indeed a Siamese trait! I grew up with one, and there is a strong memory:

Early in the morn
Slip out of bed while one foot
Squishes into mush

It happened all too often. I don't know which was worse -- a foot in cold mush or warm mush! ugh
Cleopatra does not gift us in that manner (for which I am very grateful):

The queen of the house
With turn of her regal head
Shows her diadem

Janet said...

Wolf (shiba inu)
is my soul mate and my heart
and he snores real cute