Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me and MY LADYFRIENDS Emily and Ellie, ooo lala!

Sure, I have other femmes in my life, and I don't mean besides my mom or Penny the beagle. Here I am squeezing Emily, my fat 14 year old kitten who rides my lap when I blog and such.
Then there's Ellie with the MAGIC FINGERS who just gave me a fab half hour. Ellie is a human and a new love of mine. She is an artist, a barber and a grandmother mnay times over, and she is fun to talk to and she makes me feel handsome. Because she cuts my hair and cracks jokes the whole time. CLIP! Stroke, yank, pull, CLIP!


Farmer*swife said...

OOOOh YAY! Big G gotta brand new do!

Those are some mighty healthy, lookin' kitties you got around there. As the vet said about my Bassett once, "She's a Full-figured Gal, isn't she!"


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


fiwa said...

lol... Kitty looks SO happy about having her picture taken. A true girl.

Very nice 'do. Isn't it great when you find a good barber/stylist?

tt said...

Can a man ever be surrounded by too many females?? umm...I think not! I adore full figured furkids...there's so much to love :)

Reb said...

Emily's eyes are saying "that is supposed to be pointed at me!"

Miss Heather said...

I love cats! I'm SO allergic to them but I want one so bad!! I'm jealous jealous!! :)

Aleta said...

Aww, love the cat! I have a Siamese.. he's a "talker"

Farmer*swife said...

AWWWWW. Luv' the new Penny Pic-header-thingie!!!!

Too cute. And, I didn't get the whole "Big G" joke, thingie you made?

But, if I'm vulgar? Or it is? How about Big G Daddy! Yeah! That's better!!!


You Rock [um, your wife, kinda rocks almost a little better? Don't hate me...] Oh, wait. Is that where you get all your charm and charisma????

Farmer*swife said...

WAIT! I think I just got the "Big G" thingie.

Um.....sorry y'all. I'm just a sweet, South Texas Gals who takes things at what they are without all the insinuation.

So, I apologize. I meant, The "Big Rockin' Gary Pottery Daddy!"

[exits....still embarrassed.]

Susan as herself said...

Plus size cats are the best.

Although I am partial to just about any cat...

Those two felines are winners, Gary.

Anonymous said...

I just love the way you caught Emily's personality with her glaring off to the side like that.