Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Surprise!!!

Step outside a minute ago and
THERE IS A BOX OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last week I was a WINNER at FARMER'S WIFE, and I couldn't even get to sleep that night because I was so excited. AND TODAY THE PRIZE BOX IS HERE!!!! The thing is, farmer's wife is so funny and generous, I really have to thank her for making me smile and laugh everyday and now A BOX OF LOOT from South Texas. Thanks Farmer's wife!
I brought the dog in instead of walking her, you KNOW I GRABBED THE scissors. But then I held back and figured I should wait until dinnertime when the missus is here....
Sherlock Holmes has noticed, however that:
-the box is very heavy
-the beagle, as you can see, wanted to OPEN IT RIGHT UP
-the box is beautifully colored by young and creative hands, I have NEVER had a custom colored box on my doorstep, EVER
-it clunks a bit when I shake it--maybe I shouldn't shake it?

I have done just about nothing today so far except:
-blog obsessively and crazily, and read all of YOUR blog entries too
-get this box
-walk the dog, twice
-drank extra coffee, read blogs and a book, eaten puffins cereal
-went to the mechanic, which is not too far away (which is good, 'cause I walk home) and they say, BLESS THEIR HONEST HEARTS that it is a not difficult or expensive repair on the filler pipe, not the gas tank or anything else

SO, quite a day, no excuse for not getting some actual WORK DONE this afternoon.
I am firing in the baby kiln, actually, an order for Knight and another order for Art on a limb...hopefully looking good tomorrow.


Farmer*swife said...

YAY!!! Wait? You DIDN'T open it? Man, you have some real control, and patience there!

Sorry your's didn't have actual pictures on it. Lil'Gal went for free art that day! LOL!

Read the recipe before you touch the sweets cuz' I might have something in them that you don't eat? But, I know you like peanut butter -- and, everyone wanted chocolate...so....

[I know why Penny wants to open it now ;-) ]

Knight said...

AH! I'm so excited! To see what you made and to see the loot. Don't shake it to much just incase she found a way to sneak in the Schiner Bock.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Now I'm craving Puffins cereal again.

Seriously, have you tried the cinnamon Puffins?

Farmer's Wife is nice!!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I LOOOVE PRIZES! Chocolate and baked goods tooooooooo!

Farmer*swife said...

What are you making for knight? I'm curiously nosey?

I'm going to miss the box opening! We have an ice cream party at the school, they gymnastics, then dinner, then, then, then??

I guess I'll just have to be patient myself until this PM.

Lis Garrett said...

You haven't opened it yet??

Reb said...

Wow, you have some patience!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I am trying to be a polite and considerate husband to my HAWT wife--she deserves a petite surprise too, eh?

Gordo said...

Puffin cereal? I thought you were a veg, Gary? ;-)

I would have opened it and phoned Bridget about it ... :-)

Wep said...

Beagles are VERY good at sniffing out packages :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

btw, Knight wants to see a black vase----and Puffins, man, I havn't had pb and j for lunch in awhile---

denis said...

you are one lucky b***ard!

tt said...

OMG...seems like I've been gone forever...you got your box??? I think it's sweet that you're waiting for the missus to get home. I can't wait to see what's in there!!
and.....a black vase?? that sounds fabulously gorgeous. I'm anxious to get my box!!!!! the kitchen is finally done and all I'm waiting for is my crock and spoon rest... Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be wonderful...I just know it!!
Pats to the fur kids and hugs to you two!!

Anonymous said...

Allister would have totally marked his territory. He does that with EVERYTHING!

Giggles said...

You are as patient as I am....the anticipation can be as wonderful as the prize....Good for you!

Hugs Giggles