Thursday, March 5, 2009

linky love

(pottery by Jim and his daughter Sofia)
This pic cracked me up, from my buddy Jim's blog. Jim takes care of his daughter and makes wicked cool pots all day, what a great combo, huh?

These cups below were delivered to my pal Lis's house today and she is giving me advertising at her online parenting magazine Root and Sprout. You don't know Root and Sprout yet?????????? Well go have a look! Farmer's Wife is one of their writers too!

(cups by Gary Rith)


Linda Starr said...

Gary, you are getting crazier every day, with that dog hanging on the handle and the cat holding the fish on the cookie jar, so fun. Nice bowl of your friend, Jim's (love that glaze technique) and cute shot of his daughter.

Lynda said...

Those are great!

Farmer*swife said...

Those are adorable!!! And, I saw you advertised at Root & Sprout!! Whoop!

You need to put a pic of that cool blue cup and saucer you finished recently! I'm sure R&S readers drink coffee!

At least some of them!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yay!! What fun puppy mugs! :)

My friend here, who now has a lovely heart cup from her sweetheart, has started calling me the same name you call me. It's perfect, because she couldn't pronounce the name my parents gave me. Next week we are attending a "tea party" where we need to bring a favorite tea cup or coffee mug. We are each bringing a Gary Rith original! I wonder if you will get more orders after that?

Barbara Martin said...

Gary, the shape of the mugs is perfect for keeping the coffee or tea hot. Wide bottom and narrow top. Maybe you'll make more?

Susan as herself said...

I too love the way those dogs are belly-ing over the handle---so sweet. Like they tried to jump over but are just a wee bit too chubby.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

chubby dogs!
Barbara, there are months I make straight sided mugs, flared out mugs or months that I make mugs like this, I kinda change things as I go along, according to mood. But this is a nice shape, I agree, thanks!