Sunday, March 15, 2009

power metal, peanut butter-chocolate cookies and pottery in action

(cookies and cookie plate, actually sushi plate, by Gary Rith)
Tis a mighty quiet Sunday afternoon and one feels the need for a little noisy power metal and some cookies. I feel that peanut butter cookies are a good start, and dumping in a ton of chocolate chips is an improvement.

If you have lived in the Boston area, as we did, in recent years, you heard and and LOVED Godsmack and maybe thought you might want to grow up and BE SULLY ERNA, lead singer.
Here's Speak live below, and the rather fantastic but non-embeddable Speak video with all the hot rods and chicks in bikinis.....


Anonymous said...

I think you should invent the kind of blog where we can reach in and help ourselves to a cookie!
Of course, if you did that, we'd probably be grabbing up all of your pottery, too.

Dr.John said...

I love your pottery. The cookie looks great. But the music I could do without. But then two out of three ain't bad.