Monday, March 30, 2009

le afternoon

Emily is not exactly athletic, as you can see.

So my pal Rat sent me a cute piggy box she had made and it got me thinking: 'maybe I could make something a little like it? And maybe an elephant too????'.
Brilliant idea, Rat, thanks for the inspiration!

(mine above, Rat's below, plus some things I finished this afternoon including elephant boxes too)


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

The Rat's mother gives these boxes her Seal of Approval.

Susan as herself said...

Those boxes are adorable. I see a cat box in my mind's eye!!! And how about the hind end of a pig, with the curly tail as the handle? Hahahahahaha!

Emily SIL said...

I give Emily kitten MY seal of approval. She may not be athletic, but there's lots to love about her.

The Rat said...

:D Thanks

kcinnova said...

The effelants (Heffalumps?) are great! Hard to beat The Rat's piggy box, though. ;)

I want to sit on a chair with Emily Kitten and take a nap.