Friday, March 27, 2009

some of my buddies

(Matt, Tom, Karen at the Cornell Pot Shop)
The Cornell Pot Shop is available to anybody, from high schoolers to college students and professionals. Rare moment this morning, there were 4 of us in there working and gossiping, all professionals. I finished some stuff, but let me introduce you to Karen. She is from a pottery family and has been making pots her whole life. Her son gets married in June, and she is making 240 goblets for the reception. Everybody there will toast the day with a handmade goblet and then take it home!
Matt and Tom are both house husbands like me. Matt makes massive pieces that take several hours each. Plus takes care of his little girl.
Tom's 3 kids are 8-15 and don't need him around as much, so he makes a lot of pots during the day. He is also a hockey player and is his daughter's Girl Scout Leader.
Not exactly traditional husbands, are we? ;)


Lis Garrett said...

Is that Tom R.? If so, we go to the same church. Small world.

Gordo said...

I love that goblet idea!

The official Girl Guides policy up here on men is that we're evil and not allowed to be involved in the group.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Gord, you're kidding!

Anonymous said...

Can I adopt Karen? What a wonderful gift those goblets will be!!

Y'all live charmed lives, to be sure.

ML said...

The idea of gifting every guest with a handmade Gary Rith goblet is absolutely stupendous! I'm jealous, no more weddings, babies, christenings, anything come to mind where that might be called for. Maybe for a 'bon voyage' party for when I get around to deciding to make a final exit? And an extra to go with me, just in case someone offers me a little something for the road?
Meanwhile, just to keep me that way, I truly think I feel a need for that wonderful "Be Happy" plaque.

ML said...

Oops! I meant "Be Joyful"!

Anonymous said...

240 goblets! holy... how should i say it... cats!

celeste said...

Maurice was all excited about the Pot Shop until I explained it to him.