Saturday, March 21, 2009


Sat-ur-day, yeah! In spring! I teach beginning pottery at Cornell Saturday mornings, but spring break meant no class last week or this week which is a welcome break. Not that I can sleep in or anything. Penny likes to get up and have her breakfast.
Dreamt, and I am a person who gets anxious about time and being late whereas my dad is the opposite, that my mother, sister and I had dinner reservations at some snooty place and we were to meet my father and couldn't find him FOREVER but we finally did and were terribly late and had to wait in the restaurant line and they seated us at a table out in back of the restaurant: 2 planks on trashcans, no chairs, we had to sit on the dirt. My dad is pretty casual about time.

I was brewing the coffee which I buy from my pal Nancy's store, and began thinking in HAIKU once again.

Beagle in backyard
Barking before dawn, so loud!
Neighbors hate Gary?

Vanilla coffee
Hot, black, poured in big cup,
Heavenly morning!


(pots by Gary Rith)


kate et jim said...

Morning, Gary.

I too, am listening to my dogs bark at the neighbors dogs.

Hot tea with honey - for me.

I was just looking outside and saw that the sun and the moon were in close proximity, so I looked up their positions and the sun (which is just peeking through our trees) is directly over the west coast of Africa and the moon is over the east coast of South America! Cool, eh?

Have a fantastic day!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

totally cool alright!

denis said...

those haiku are really nice, esp. the largest one.

Anonymous said...

nice collection of vases

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

why thanks!

Lynda said...

Gary, those are so beautiful!

Our dog, Gordy, has a barkfest every time he goes outside with the dog behind us. Not a mild barkfest - a full-fledged Bark-a-rama!

Anonymous said...

My family could not live near you. Just sayin'.

On the other hand, I had 2 cups of delicious coffee at 6:30 this morning, and then treated myself to a vanilla latte at Panera at 8:30am. I figure after driving 2 hours, I needed a treat! Oh, and the trailmix bagel was divine, too.

kim said...

You throw'in down Gary?

Wep said...

Who could hate Penny????