Sunday, March 22, 2009

le busy morning????

(Gary and Emily, the chubby 15 year old kitten)
Mmmm. One post but much to say I think.
I just loaded a bunch of items into a glaze firing and started it, but working backwards, somewhat eventful weekend.
We went to a movie matinee yesterday of 'Wendy and Lucy' about a homeless young woman who loses her dog. Seemed like the absolute saddest movie I have ever seen, despite the fact that both the dog and woman at the end are basically OK. But was sad. The actress Michelle Williams, who is pretty darn sad and stressed out here, was Heath Ledger's girlfriend, and I think that in her personal life she had a lot in the last year or 2 to make her SAD alright. A+ movie. Then we come home and walk OUR sweet dogs, and watch a video of 'The Savages' about 2 adult siblings taking care of the father who had never taken care of them. Its about the brother and sister coming together, and it deserves an A+ and THANKS BE TO GOD although it is a sad movie it has a happyish ending. A+. As we get into our 40s and our parents into their late 70s and 80s.....well, anyway.

Then, as happens 3-4 times a year, I was wide awake late and finished my book---I always go to bed early, not last night, up to 1-2. I was reading 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' by Stieg Larsson. A+ mystery, very disturbing but exciting.

Here are a pair of very true to life haikus, written over the morning coffee pot.

Small dog sees bunny:
Howling,pulling,chasing, arf!
Bunny safe, leash on dog.

Bunny tease beagle:
Eating clover on park lawn:
Hops away slowly.

Happy Sunday!


kate et jim said...

Cute, Gary. Mary Lee will like those haikus.

Greg said...

I could never write haikus man. Glad they come so trippingly off your tongue :) Looks like the sun is starting to peek out here today!

Ron said...

Are those rodeo PJ's? I think I had those as curtains as a child.

Sarah is away this weekend at a Conference. No deep movies for me last night. I watched The Transporter 2. Jason Statham kicks butt. Ha.

Anonymous said...

cowboy jammies!

Tricia said...

Sounds like you're having a grand time.

And I love that photo of you and the misses on the top of your blog.

g said...

That book sounds intriguing - I will look it up.

Patricia Griffin said...

Two sad movies in one night. Too much for this happy camper. I think I've missed a lot of good movies because I can't take the sad parts. Oh well! Love the new photo of you two and the beagle in front of your purple house.

Anonymous said...

Loving the haikus, Gary!

I seriously need to see some movies. Are these out on DVD yet? We like to check them out from the library...FREE is my friend!

kim said...

I heard the actress being interviewed by Terry Gross. She wasn't allowed to take a shower or wash her hair for 2 weeks so she'd look the part. EWWWWWWOOOOOO..

kim said...

I also like kids jammies too. I have pretty Kitty jammies.

Lynda said...

Love the photo of you guys in front of the house. Wendy is looking very content... and I see a cowboy theme running wild lately :-)

Amy said...

what a happy cat! And, I like the clams too, although I've never eaten one (actual clam, not the mug). :)