Saturday, March 14, 2009

the Regular Guy rates another

Schmaltz brewing: Coney Island lager, you KNOW I had to try this bomber, lookit the label! Another NY brew to enjoy. Yesterday I talked about the reported extra-healthful properties in dark beers, but I would get bored with only the same beer day to day, and this is a lovely lager. Orange amber, not straw colored like cheap canned stuff, tons of foam and lovely hops taste and seemingly thick and dense like a milkshake, the Regular Guy, ces't moi, gives this one an A+ plusityplusplus. Seems like a perfect gift anytime I go to a dinner party or something, this has a hilarious label and terrific brew inside.

And whereas I liked the groovy teapot I had made the other day, I made another. Bigger. I shall have to make more or same, and clever cups perhaps to match.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Spike & Emily approved of the brew, too!
That first picture did have some scary resemblances...