Thursday, March 5, 2009

le fame und le fortune

OK, so listen to this dream please:
I get the call from the network office--they need me in the newsroom in Charlotte. (except for driving through NC in one 24 hour mad dash of non-stop driving Miami-NY in 1986, I have never been to NC) I arrive at the affiliate in the usual, flannel shirt, jeans, baseball cap because it is sunny. I am stared at by the beautiful blonde co-anchor of the Charlotte TV news and the director, clearly they wonder why I have been sent to do their news, but since it was ordered, they go with it. I protest 'hey, maybe I could be the camera guy instead?' and 'but you folks would hate having me do the news, you all have these southern accents and I have this blobby New York accent, and tiny little girlish voice besides...'

and lookit this email I just got, perhaps because of the little animals I make? Seems like a wee little mistake!


I am Dr. Christie D_____ ( Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Physiology), I own a veterinary Service where I practice both exotic and companion animal medicine.

We have recently acquired new medical supplies and a new mobile van and now offering to donate a pre-used " all purpose" mobile van and the veterinary equipments below.

1 Ultrasound
1 Autoclave

Are you familiar with these? Let me know if these contributions Would be beneficial to your work?.


Dr. Christie D____
D.V.M.,Veterinary Medicine.
Ph.D.,Veterinary Physiology.

* Vaccinations
* Surgery
* Dentistry
* Ophthamology
* Dermatology
* Diagnostic Imaging
* Behavioural
* Medical


Gordo said...

A new career, Gary? ;-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

well, when you think about it, maybe I COULD use an ultrasound and an autoclave...

denis said...

who needs a dishwasher when one has an autoclave.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, autoclaves! ;)

J said...

Wow. I mean, we all knew your little animals were excellent, but when a licensed veterinarian mistakes them for live animals, that's really saying something. Well done!

Ron said...

Too funny about coming down to Charlotte.

Jerry said...

You know, you could pick up that autoclave and then you're partway towards doing your own tattoo(s). Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

maybe you could use the ultrasound to post pics and videos of the inside of your kiln while it's firing?

kim said...

I would examine your diet and try and isolate what it is that you've eaten that is causing the dreams.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you know, I was a little hasty in turning that stuff down, wasn't I?

Barbara Martin said...

Too cute!

Crafter of Khnum said...

I think the ultrasound would be a fun addition to the Rith household. Think of the party games! "Here, lemme show you my spleen!" Lol.

Wildrun said...

Sadly, that is a major scam in the animal welfare field. Believe it or not, shelters have fallen for it, thinking some reputable vet wants to help them out, and have sent money for "shipping" only to have no equipment arrive.