Tuesday, October 13, 2009


(teapot by Gary Rith)
I have been kinda exploring this teapot shape the last couple of weeks as you know, and this spirally fluted thang is a bit cool, with a light blue and black glaze combo, it looks a bit yummy does it not?

Last night I serve the chili and the wife, who is dying of a headcold and needed something HAWT for her nasal passages tells me this old joke:

Sad old guy goes into the diner:
waitress 'what'll it be?' and he replies
'a bowl of chili and a kind word' and a minute later she plunks down a bowl of chili and starts to walk away and he calls after her
'what about my kind word???' and she calls back over her shoulder
'don't eat the chili!'

Speaking of waitresses:


denis said...

your teapot is gorgeous. that old joke is new to me...it made me laugh.

Unknown said...

Nice teapot! :D

Jessica said...

LOL! I love that teapot! :)

Jay said...

That teapot is really, REALLY cool!

Anonymous said...

cool teapot amigo... i like those spirally cutouts going around the base

Ice Pony Girl said...

Lovely! How about a beautiful purple teapot? <:o]

Unknown said...

LOVE the blue/black glaze on that teapot, very very nice.