Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goo Goo Muck

(pottery by Gary Rith)
Kinda groovy black vase eh?
I gotta big post in mind for later. You'll have to check in :)
You know how it is, you wake up and wanna listen to The Cramps.


Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

When I lived in LA, I went to a party at one of the Cramps' house! I Don't remember wanting to wake up with them though!

Gallow said...

I was thinking of using one of your vases as a water cup at work. Kind of a dual purpose item.

Gallow said...

Although I probably don't want to drink out of it when I have flowers in it.

Anndi said...

*bops around the house*

Yeah baby!

Pauline said...

I was also thinking that the vase would make a good drinking cup, hand would fit nicely around the dimples.