Monday, October 19, 2009

empty tables, empty shelves and the elephant in the room

(pitcher by Gary Rith)
Right, so yesterday, half hour before the end of open studio and I am COLD and tired and have empty shelves and tables in the studio (sign of a successful show, right?) and I start to move it all out to the garage thinking NO WAY is anybody coming here at the last minute. When, a la Murphy's law, 3 people arrive at the last minute. It always looks bad at a show when you are taking your display down early, but I live here and I was ready to finish!

There are many variations of this story, but let's keep elephants in mind for a sec:

One day three blind men encountered an elephant.

Upon touching the elephant's leg, the first blind man exclaimed "I declare, an elephant is exactly like a tree."

The second blind man, bumping into the elephants side, said "No sir, you are wrong. An elephant is exactly like a wall."

Then the third, having grasped the elephant's trunk, declared "You are both mistaken. The elephant is exactly like a snake!"



Gallow said...

They heard you say "Miller Time".

Anonymous said...

Always make Big sales at the last minute...some folks what that deal and think you might be tired....GRIN
Ok now get ready for HOLIDAY shopping. . . .! LOL

kate et jim said...

Glad you did well, Gary! But it's good to be done with, eh?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Empty shelves? this is really a great success! Congrats.
I love OMD!!!

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

It must be a fantastic feeling to have found homes for all your pots. Empty shelves and green in your pockets. Cool.
Love OMD!!! Takes me back to my early 20's :) Sigh

Pauline said...

Empty shelves, fantastic!
Love love LOVE the elephant pitcher!! The light blue at the neck of the pitcher is gorgeous and of course the doodle ele is brilliant!!!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Great news -- glad to hear it went so well. And you know, it's the same thing with real estate open houses -- you get swamped the last 15 mins.