Monday, July 27, 2009

Spike the cat has a few pet peeves....

Because, as everybody knows: "I would hope that a wise cat with the richness of their experiences would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion than a bunch of dogs."

Let's talk pet peeves, shall we?
--those little subscription cards that fall out of magazines
--trying to make 'socialist' sound like 'axe murderer' (gimme some of that socialism, baby!)
--dogs that hog the bed

And you on this quiet, stinko Monday (today has been a wee bit challenging at times...)
what pet peeves can you share with us????????????


Chelle Patterson said...

- the ever-increasing mixing-up of "your" and "you're"

- emails from an acquaintance that read something like, "You've made a spelling mistake on your website" but not specifying where

- kids that knock on the door asking for cans and bottles

Susan as herself said...

1) seeing someone toss trash out a car window

2) leaving the toothpaste cap off, the milk carton opened, the shampoo bottle cap off, etc...

3) wet towels not hung up to dry

4) rude children not corrected by their parents (who are usually also rude)

5) line jumpers

Reb said...

Oh, where to start....

people that can't be bothered to read that then stuff two quilts into the washing machine. Which then starts to squeal and smoke because it is trying like a little trouper to do it's job....oh, sorry - I 'll quit now ;)

Reverend Awesome said...

"I've got a lot of problems with you people"

-people that get mad at you for not calling or coming to visit even though they themselves have done neither.

-people that act like their life is harder than everyone else's in the history of recorded time.

-when someone doesn't pick up their feet when they walk

-not having enough milk for a bowl of cereal

g-man said...

Stupidity coupled with arrogance.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Dogs are bed hoggers, he is correct on that one.

I have a list as long as my arm.
Rude people. Loud cell phone users.
Chewing with mouth open. Talking with food in mouth.
Calling me and not leaving a message...but expecting me to STILL call back. :)

Lynda said...

Gum popping
Finger tapping
Eye rolling

Prohomemaker.Com said...

It must be in the air today! Even FW is down today!

Pet Peeve No. 1 on my mind -- people who walk in front of you at the grocery store who don't have the good manners to say at least, "Excuse me," or "Pardon me -- I'm so sorry."

Thinking an early gin and tonic might be in order today. :-)

Linda Starr said...

I don't like those cards in magazines either, I get a preverse pleasure out of ripping them out and throwing them away before I read the magazine.

People who are talking in the middle and blocking the aisle in the grocery store with their long lost neighbor and when you say excuse me, they just keep talking and don't even budge out of the way.

Hey I don't want to think of any more pet peeves, today has been especially good for me and it might change my mood thinking of all the pet peeves.

Bye Spike.

Stacey B said...

Today has been TERRIBLE for me. I only hope to go home to a piggy on the porch :o)

Pet Peeves:
1. I too hate the stupid magazine subscription cards...especially when I already SUBSCRIBE TO THE FREAKING MAGAZINE!

2. People who are using Craiglist just to get my email address and/or trying to scam.

3. Women that hover when they pee as not to touch their hinies to the seat only to PISS ALL OVER THE DAMN SEAT! I do not want to clean up your piss, thank you.

I will leave it at that because today's list could get too long.

kate et jim said...

Reverend Awesome has my #1 top peeve of: "-people that act like their life is harder than everyone else's in the history of recorded time".

But to add to the list(s) above...

People who are on your a$$, when you are clearly doing the speed limit! Plus they are using their cell phone, at the same time!!!!!!! Man, where is a cop, when you need one!!!

Rudeness. Any kind of rudeness! Especially, when it occurs by a visitor in your own home!!!

I'm going to go join Prohomemaker and have a drink! ;)

Emily SIL said...

Hazy, hot, humid weather, followed by rain, followed by more hazy, hot humid weather. It's just so sticky!

Spike le cat said...

I am having a stalk of catnip now, phhhbbbttt stinking MONDAYS!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I have one wee little pet peeve myself, how about CATS THAT FLING LITTER ALL OVER THE FLOOR????

Miss Heather said...

I've got an addition to one of yours...

I hate the perfume ads and super thick ads that come in my magazines which make it hard to keep the magazine open.

I go through the magazines every time they come and rip all of them out so I can enjoy the actual content of it, not the stupid ads.

Shortstuff said...

These are so good it's tough to find more to add, but I'll give it a try:

Idjits who refuse to believe that our Prez is a flag waving American citizen when he's produced his birth cert, announcement of birth, etc.

Politicians who posture and hide behind closed doors because they want to look like they're trying to be productive but are really just hedging their bets because they want to protect their true constituents: the lobbyists.

Oh, the whole its/it's your/you're thing is a BIG one.

Thanks for the forum, Spike.

Anonymous said...

where does one start? i guess i'll just start with verbal, idea and ideal have different meanings, just as irony and coincidence. "we was" is never correct, oh shit, i'll be here all day