Thursday, July 16, 2009

don't try this at home!

Long story short, I drop the wife at work and there's this dude who does a reggae show on the radio Thursday mornings, and he is a total NITWIT....with great taste is music. I suspect he must, you know, sm0ke a little too much and when he talks he has a hard time stringing together thoughts.....but man, reggae you have NEVER heard.
He does a lot of dub too.
You ask, as I did, "what is dub???". Dub is just a lot of reggae grooves put together, no singing, and it is the COOLEST background music, so I poke around youtube for dub and come up with this, and HOLY CATS it is unbelieveable---but don't try it at home! Where can you get a wave like this????


Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Gary,
I know that wave all to well..It's *Jaws* on the North shore of Maui..
Average height, 30-50 feet... :)

Awesome video!
Peace, Kai

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have seen specials about this tow-in surfing. What amazing video.

ML said...

My heart is still pounding from that ride! Sooo exhilarating but the finish can too easily wind up with a face full of sand. Or maybe that was just moi, le klutz.
Like our farewell party leaving Hawaii, (my husband was stationed there in the Navy) when our half night blind beach boy mis-judged our wave in an outrigger canoe THREE TIMES and we all dug like crazy with our paddles only to get swamped all three tries! Wah! I finally said 'no mas' and swam for shore. Hanging on the outrigger and bailing was NOT my idea of fun.

Susan as herself said...

(and ouch.) :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, we don't have "jaws" but we get some CRAAAAAZY swells here in beautiful Rincón, Puerto Rico! Check this out for size:

Ten minutes from our house baby!!! :-)

Becky Jo said...

Oh my. As a landlocked sea-sick type person, I was saying "ohmyeffinggod"... praying that crazy man made it out alive. Surfing freaks me out.. that whole undertow thing. *eek*

Gordo said...

I was thinking it might be Jaws. I love watching stuff like this, but I don't really know how these guys walk with balls that big. ;-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is amazing!!! Loved the music too. On the gulf coast where we live, it is generally FLAT all the waves for me.

John Bailey said...

Love the wave, Gary, thanks! But the music sounds like toothache in the night to me... :-)