Thursday, July 9, 2009

my new friend ASK AMY (DICKINSON)

(the missus makes a point, Ask Amy makes a point)
Turns out Ask Amy, advice columnist to 200 newspapers and 22 million people, lives down our steet, yes OUR STREET, just a mile or two. We went and saw her talk last night at Cornell. She just published her book THE MIGHTY QUEENS OF FREEVILLE, which is the little village of 428 people up the way.
So, here's her story which is pretty good.
Amy grew up on a dairy farm and her father abandoned them when she was a kid, and she went to high school here and then off to Georgetown U and a career in journalism etc, along with a husband who was also a hot shot and a little baby came along but THAT crashed and burned, so she came back to Freeville and the support of all her aunts and sisters and assorted other women in her extended family and freelanced and wrote a column for TIME then she had a chance to try out an advice column to replace Ann Landers and she was quick and snappy and won the job she has had now for 6-7 years. Last year, and this is totally cute, her daughter started college, and Amy who hadn't had a date in about 17 years, tried internet dating which introduced her to a lot of local losers and she did NOT date any of them but when she went to hire a carpenter for an addition on her home? The guy who came over was a lifelong friend who had also grown up down the street and he was divorced with 4 daughters and he wouldn't do the addition (her house deemed not worth an expensive addition) but he did ask her out and whaddya know, they got married last year and live nearby. I am wondering when the Hollywood movie will come out...

Amy is the same age as my missus, about to turn 50, and like my missus, you are impressed that she is much prettier and youthful than she appears in print, and FUNNY too.


Becky Jo said...

Ah! What a great story. It's always the carpenter, FedEx man, potter that gets the girl. :)

cookingwithgas said...

Love Amy and you are lucky to have her close by.
She needs one of your pots!

Farmer*swife said...

I'm commenting from my phone! ;-)

Barbara Martin said...

I've heard of couples getting married who lived on the same street when they grew up. Nice story, Gary.