Monday, December 1, 2008

My Little Pumpkin came home and said:

My Little Pumpkin came home and said:

"Two cows were hanging around in a meadow. The one asks the other:
"What do you think of this so-called mad cow disease?"
and the reply was:
"I'm not worried about it. After all, I'm a helicopter!"

What is the difference between the first President Bush and the second president Bush?

8 years of prosperity."

I am glad she is home.


Anonymous said...


word verification: housneds

Linda Starr said...

I always wonder about those word verifications too.

Just love the wonderful creamy white glaze on the ducks.


Susan as herself said...

Hahahaha. Your wife is funny!

Loved it.

Gordo said...

Yep, she's a hoot alright!