Sunday, December 21, 2008

other people's work

(Spike the cat, Jami glazing a piggy, dyed wool in September, the missus knitted the scarf)
So, Jami is a pal with a husband and a baby and came over for some secret Santa work. I made and biqued a mug and piggy for her to decorate, glaze and fire for her boys. Her idea, which is quite brilliant: glaze a pig yellow, for example, and add purple spots.
In September, Missus Muffin attended a natural yarn dyeing workshop, using marigold flowers and carrots, and came home with all this colored yarn. The scarf is finished. It is a huge caterpillar monster, most colorful for the shortest day of the year.
Spike is here looking very fat.
Maggie and Katie were here yesterday too, busy day, and Wendy is due to drive in from Syracuse, but holy cats, it is a blizzard out there, our fun may be postponed.


cookingwithgas said...

love the scarf and from the looks of your weather it will be put to good use!
Stay warm!

Hilary said...

That scarf is beautiful.. and Spike looks annoyed.. much the way Skitty does around Benny.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I wish we lived close enough to just pop in on you and the Missus now and then to see what "was up" at your place.

The kids would play fetch with the pups and I'd even pet the fat kitty.

Oooh, and in the summer you could host a summer day camp pottery class for kids! They could make stuff, have it fired, glaze it, and take it!

Fab idea, huh? We used to have one of those places in the "city" and I took the kids when they were 2 years and under. We made tiles with their hand prints.

I had planned to do it every year but the place closed down. Not enough business. Go figure.

Lost my Scrapbook Paradise too, due to that.


Your life seems so fun on a daily basis. That is wonderful!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Handprints! Sure, I remember doing that when I was little!

Anonymous said...

That scarf is beautiful! I love the photo with the yarn drying. Colorful. I also love the photo you have of all your colorful pots placed together. That's gorgeous too!

Unknown said...

All those lovely, rich colors. Wonderful! And to think, they're all naturals, as well. Truly gorgeous!
I'd love to have a rocking chair sitting on that porch for me to just 'a-set and a-rock' in and mind tne naighbor's business for 'em and give 'em a 'hidee' as well, as they passed by walking their dog!

Miss Heather said...

She puts my knitting to SHAME!! I can't believe how creative she was with the dyes. That's amazing! I've never dyed my own yarn, I'm too lazy!! :) Tell her she did awesome!!!

fiwa said...

That is beautiful - I can't believe the dyes are all natural.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Maude's scarf turned out so lovely! And it is especially wonderful, knowing the history of those dyes.

WV doesn't like me: "Daster me" I think it is swearing at me!!