Friday, December 12, 2008

snow day, for some

(vases by Gary Rith, Buster in the snow and the first double espresso pick-me-up of the day with my cute elephant cup)
The wife, interestingly, had asked for and rec'd today off as a vacation day, and she is STILL ASLEEP with Penny and Spike cat. She asked for it because I need to run the pottery sale at Cornell, so she can care for the beasties at home today (heck, maybe she'll start a blog with her time off eh?). We have a winter weather emergency of some type out there, no school or anything for kids. Maybe 6-12 inches, but supposedly finished by the time I leave at 10 (out of the blue yesterday her boss gave her a golden parking pass for the day right by the sale---Wednesday I had to park almost two miles away and walk in the rain with a box of pots to the sale!). Just another December day in Canada's suburbs.
I had a customer email about wee little vases. Have a look buddy, these two guys are most excellent. 5 inches tall, and a little bigger on the textured one.


Anonymous said...

My kids (at least the younger 3) are jealous of your snow day! Heck, I'm jealous of your snow day! Our snow event for this morning? = FAIL. Blech, more rain on soggy ground and 39-F.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Snow day? Here in San Diego, the kids get no school for the wildfires. We ought to give the kids surf's up day, I think. That would be more positive.

Also, the wee little vases are da bomb. We have two wee vases too. (That last sentence was a self-imposed exercise in homonym usage.)

I'll go away now.

Anonymous said...

I'll second Cheri's wee little vases comment. I couldn't stop exclaiming, "They are so stinkin' cute!!" yesterday when I carefully unwrapped them from their bubbly encasement.
I have an armload full of them!!

wv= pooffire ...POOF fire, or is it POO f-fire!!

Sounds sadly San Diego-ish to me!

Gordo said...

We didn't even get a bit of that snow, Gary. What little we have came last weekend. Enjoy. ;-)

How's the sale going?

Anonymous said...

Good gracious! I'm at home today, too, waiting for the super to come by and fix my oven so I can do some Xmas baking. I'll have to call Mrs. Pottsb. later

Newt said...

Hubster and I lingered longer this morning under the covers. It was too cold to just jump right out of bed and start the day. Nothing beats a snuggly warm bed on cold winter mornings. Good luck with the sale!

Clowncar said...

Cool! I'll email you with specifics.

We almost never get snow. I'm envious.