Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wee little elephants

(mug and wee little elephants by Gary Rith)
Fiddling around. With cup feet and handles.


Unknown said...

Can't really explain it, but that mug holding itself up on its own hands and arms with the wonderful scored handle is so weirdly wonderful it's well night irresistible. If I weren't so durn far over budget already I'd have to get myself one. Love it!

Unknown said...

Oh, well, if I didn't leave at least one clunker in my message it just wouldn't be me, I guess! But your readers are bright folks, and will know I obviously didn't mean that 't' on the end of 'nigh'! Right?

Anonymous said...

oh wow Gary that mug is very cool! I love the lines and the textures and feet and everything! very eye-pealing (yes that is a good thing).

Zette loves the wee elephants of course!