Tuesday, December 23, 2008

last night my beloved Snickerdoodle said to me:

Last night my beloved Snickerdoodle said to me:

"HULLLLLO!!!! Do you need your ears tested????"

To which I replied:
"My ears are fine. Its what is between them!"


fiwa said...

HAHA! Snickerdoodle got her revenge, I see!

Cute picture of penny in your header. :)

Happy day -

PS - the word verification word is "sasherie". I kinda like that one.

Aleta said...

See, now, I wouldn't want someone taking my picture at that point either. Lol. Too funny!

denis said...

i have the exact same toothbrush.

cookingwithgas said...

I once had a customer say to her husband when he was not listening to her, " are you sitting on your ears again?"
I loved it and use it to this day.

Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

I DID take Don to get his ears tested once. It confirmed that he just doesn't hear anything I say! His hearing was fine! I talk and he pushes the mute button.

Anonymous said...

It's all that loud music, Gary! (I should know -- I have to ask my boys to repeat themselves often.)