Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I don't think 2008 sucked that bad, when you think about it.....

Many of my friends have said 2008 sucked, was forgettable, all that. Sure, there were challenges. But, um, except for my stock portfolio (HAHAHAHA!), things have gone pretty good for us at 540 Main, Etna, NY:
-my dude won the election
-my poor dog Jack died in August, but he was very old, 13, and was playing ball till the last moment--and that pic up there is about the last moment.
-I had a chance to make a lot of FUN POTS! I love making pots. And sculpture. PLUS I started working in the Cornell studios which is so much fun.
-Missus Tastycake got prettier than ever this year, somehow, and yet is even more fun after 16 years of marriage, and she got a much better job this year.
-I had a chance to make a lot more friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloggy friends, new people friends, reconnect with old friends!
-Sales in October and November were down the tubs, but DECEMBER was the best month I ever had in business, EVER, and this blog sold over 500 items, thanks to YOU.

AND I discovered the Raveonettes


and also the Ting Tings


Anonymous said...

You are so positive! You also discovered vinegar and honey and no longer suffer from such bad colds, correct?
And you made several children very happy (Cheri's Laura, and my SnakeMaster). And maybe this year we will come visit you and get a hands-on tour of your studio! (Don't you like how I just invite my entire family to your house?) Well, if that happens, please remind me to bring you some Shiner Bock. You deserve it! :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you said it, vinegar and honey is MAGIC, and you are always welcome!!!!!!

Reb said...

Gary I hope you & the Mrs. have a wonderful 2009!

Anonymous said...

Hi you two,

I hope you both have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR! All three in the Todd/Padula household are sick.

If we are neighbors next year, we can have an Etna New Years Even Bash! Ring in the new Decade! Etna Style!


cookingwithgas said...

here's to another year- happy new year!

kate et jim said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Gary and Maude! and to everyone!

I like the Raveonettes 'Christmas Song'! Reminds me of the music I used to listen to in my 'tween' years. (does that make me old??? Hmmmm.) ;)

Jessica said...

Gary the Ting Tings! LOL