Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more thoughts about LOVE

I warned her so here goes. My pal Katie, a native Nebraskan like me, needed a piggy bank and WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Gary! There is always something piggy going on here.

Katie is a potter with a serious wrist injury (otherwise she could have made her own piggy) and a full-time gig as a mathematician. She is damn smart and capable, unlike me who has very limited ability or brains, but my pigs DO kick a$$, so over she came, needing a piggy for her five year old little brother.

Katie gets married in May to Maggie, who happens to be from Connecticut. They have been together a long time. Recent prop 8 votes in California make them feel they might want to act sooner than May, in case somebody yanks the carpet out from under them in Connecticut, and decides that two wonderful people can't get married. SO, they are the only couple other than me and the missus planning to marry Christmas Eve. Except Katie's family has a history of marrying on Christmas eve.

The story, to the best of my recollection, goes like this: all the aunts and uncles in her family have followed the tradition of marrying Christmas Eve. Because of the grand mother who had done so first. BUT, as it turns out, she had actually eloped and married in March, but there was a baby involved, and the only way her parents would talk to her again was if they made up a safe wedding date before the baby would have been conceived. It was a family secret until the end of her life. So therefore the Christmas weddings, built on a family secret.


Anonymous said...

Good wishes to Katie and Maggie! and what a wonderful story about the Christmas Eve weddings!

Am I to understand (or am I misreading) that you and Mrs. P. are planning to renew your vows???

Gotta go to work. It's a mess on the roads. Catch ya later.

Gordo said...

I love traditions like that. Even better when they have a juicy tale to account for the origin.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

renew my vows? I think the old ones, said on December 24, 1992, are still good ;^)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful story with a couple of great plot points.

congratulations to katie and maggie on their upcoming wedding!!!

(btw, gary likes to pretend he's not very smart but HE IS!)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

dumb as a post, that's me!

Lynda said...

Best wishes to them!

Crafter of Khnum said...

Not this dumb; Flag pole!

Tricia said...

Best wishes to your friends.

And this story, it's so perfect!

Stacey said...

Congrats to Katie and Maggie!