Sunday, December 7, 2008

pots by me and pots not by me

(teaset by Gary Rith)
Let's get excited, shall we? The pics above aren't all that good, but this is a slighty groovy teaset just out of the kiln. I had made it groovy, literally, then whacked it into a 3-sided shape. Then used the VC green glaze from Cornell but fired it at home. I am keeping it. I love that glaze, and I got the recipe not long ago, and need to mix it here at home. The thing is, it is a wild speckly matt color, very stable, BUT it is a base!!!! So I can try mixing it as green, blue, purple and yellow!!! That makes me so excited.
Which is why I was lurking around with my wife at a gallery yesterday. I had her block the view of me from the clerks while I took the photos below. (we bought a couple of things! we did!) Those teapots are very cute, but they use the very glaze I am talking about with the very variations I am talking about! Of course, they are factory made overseas (ppphhlllbbt) but I can look at them and appreciate they are pretty, THEN GO HOME AND MAKE THEM BETTER hehehehe

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Patricia Griffin said...

tis a groovy teaset. Literally and figuratively! I really like the shapes, the doggie, the glaze. I can see you're going to be pursuing the glaze in other colors, too. That'll be interesting. Hey, I like those square plates, below in your post. Might try some variations to that look myself!