Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am IN LOVE: pottery in action

(plate and calzone by Gary Rith)
So I asked myself what might happen if I took my favorite pizza dough and made it really really thin and laid it out and added sauteed peppers and onions and such and then folded it over and baked it on the pizza stone really hot. You eat it and wonder why you would ever want to have pizza when you could have calzone instead...

Directions? Recipe?????? Really? OK, I can share, even if you don't have a pizza stone in your oven.

Gary's Lazy Calzones--lazy because its easy and full of shortcuts

--In bowl dump half cup water, 2 teasp. yeast, tbs. sugar, stir. Then add 2 tbs. oil, stir. (add some salt if you want, I try not to use much salt)
--Oil second bowl, set aside
--back to the yeast mix--stir in 2 cups flour, add enough water to make a nice looking dough a little at a time, approx a half cup more
---turn out onto floured board or counter, knead knead knead (LIKE CLAY!) until pliable, then set into oiled bowl to rise for 20-60 minutes--it doesn't matter much

--chop up your veggies or whatever--- I sautee my veggies and stuff in oil for 5-10 minutes---mix in a cup spaghetti sauce and set aside, and chop or grate some cheese
--preheat over to 400
--roll out punch down and knead dough---kneadkneadknead, then make two balls and grease a cookie sheet (or make sure the stone is in the over preheating)
--roll out each ball super thin with a rolling pin,(set onto cookie sheet if using cookie sheet) dump in your toppings and cheese, fold dough over, crimp edge with fork, prick, then do the other, then bake until crispy golden brown looking, ten minutes



Anonymous said...

I'm hungry and this looks like an excellent breakfast.
Aren't those plates just the most gorgeous pieces of art for displaying food? (Although my dh? complains that they don't stack perfectly in the cupboard. Silly man.)

Jessica said...

Dude, really...I'm so hungry now!!! :D I have to try this, and I love your recipe writing.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Farmer*swife said...

Don't stack perfectly? Artistic license? I believe it is called? :-)

Gary I really thought you'd snuck in kc's kitchen for a minute there with those plates! :-)

Yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I have a set myself, farmer's wife, and they stack ok but not perfectly!

ML said...

So who wants perfectly stacking dishes? Go to any place for those -- K-Mart Wal-Mart, JCP, etc. I much prefer the satisfaction of noticing that they DON'T fit exactly. Proves they were NOT poured into a mold, but shaped by hand, plus the lovely little unglazed roughness on the bottoms plus the potter's mark!

Anonymous said...

ML, that is EXACTLY what I told my dh!
I happen to adore my plates, and my bowls, and my mug, and my piggy corker,.... (leaving room for more)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

thanks KC and ML!