Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hullooooo Donald!

So, the wife is on the bus tonight, got on a stop or two earlier than usual, and this guy boarding says "hey, nice skull bracelet!".
The wife is blown away, she isn't wearing a skull bracelet. How could Donald know about her new skull bracelet??????? She gets her answer here at home later, when she is puzzling it out with me and I admit I posted it this afternoon. Therefore, Donald took a coffee break and READ MY BLOG, GOT ON THE BUS and mentioned it to her. A week or two ago, Donald got on the bus and said to my wife "hello Tastycake" or whatever word I was using for her that day. Again, Donald was enjoying my blog during his, um, coffee break at work, which is something EVERYBODY OUTTA DO.
Donald happens to be the rather wonderful husband of our friend Nancy, and Donald and my wife work in adjacent buildings and take the bus home together, and according to Nancy, he is quite addicted ADDICTED to this blog, and he esp. likes the videos. I mentioned earlier that my blog is read only by beautiful and smart women, and Donald is very smart, if not a beautiful woman too. I don't know if he'll like these two videos, but I do.

Here is the rather wonderful band Abney Park that started as a goth rock band (note black clothes and black fingernails, before they went steam punk---all these little categories!!!!!!!!!)

wrong side

stigmata martyr

and Airship Pirate, when they went firmly steampunk, which seems to mean more browns, more buckles and more ruffles


Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

Maude needs to keep track of things- take a "coffee break" Maude and check out what your hubby is up to!
See ya Sunday,

g said...

Hmm, not so sure about Donald!

Thanks for the comment about my funny little pot, Gary!

I have fond memories of Ithaca - my husband did a one-year post-doc fellowship there, and it was during that year that I was pregnant with my now-20 year old son.

what's the name of that great pizza joint up by campus, where they serve the white pizza? Vinnies? Vinces? Mmmm....I dream of that pizza.

Anonymous said...

If anyone out and about, IRL, in person, ever made a random comment from my blog, I'd probably fall over in shock! I do have a few RL friends who read me and occasionally comment in an e-mail that they are keeping up with me that way.

Poor Maude, I bet that did leave her confused!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

she was confused, yes, but she will wear the bracelet today...