Wednesday, June 17, 2009

open your wallet and say "Aaah"

(mugs by Gary Rith)
You can slobber and drool over these mugs, or you can simply go to my online etsy gallery and buy them!


Susan as Herself said...

Oooh. I may need to get that stripey cat mug for a friend of mine who has a stripey cat!!! Is it a bog mug Gary? As big as or bigger than say, the heart mugs I bought? Lemme know, as this friend has a birthday coming up on Sept 5!

Fortune Cookies said...

that cute little piggy has his butt up in the air!



If the cup becomes yours, then you can drink the Elixir of Life (coffee) from it, and then your husband can comment about how precisely the cup suits you, and who knew just what to get you, and you can smile and say, "I did," and then you can again be happy about the little inchworm creating his day crawl by crawl and the squared off top and the ridges and the beautiful flowy colors.

Well done, Gary Rith! I LOVE my mug!