Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Sisters Islands, in the Niagara River

On the US side is a huge state park, part of which is a series of islands connected by bridges. You are a million miles from the tourist junk, and we never visited any place that cost anything. We just hiked. On the back side of Goat Island, which forms the space between the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and US falls is the 3 Sisters Islands. Each is the size of a back yard and connected by bridges, and there are spots you could wade in the Niagara River because it is a trickle amongst rocks. The sign says at the 3d island, as you see, DON'T. I did. You see that pic of me amongst the rocks? My shoes are in the Niagara River, and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls are right behind me.


Hilary said...

Were umbrellas chosen to match your house? ;)

Gordo said...

You rebel, you. Maude's expression is priceless. :-)

Kasey aka Captain Awesome said...

I hope to somehow get the kind of class that Maude seems to exude. Standing in the rain, making fun of a sign and still looking classy.

kcinnova said...

So was it truly raining or is that just a lot of mist from the falls?
And did you order good weather for when I'm up there? Because if it rains when we are there, I'm going to think that it will ALWAYS rain whenever we plan a trip to NY.

We called our dads from the Appalachian Trail on Sunday afternoon.