Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a word with Spike

My big, friendly, grey tiger Spike has had a few emails lately and asked me to do a little typing for him:

Dear Spike:
Hamsters, snack or pet?????
-your chubby kitten sister Emily

Emily, I have one word for you: ::burp::

Dear Spike:
Burrito or peanut butter sandwich for lunch???
-Gary from the kitchen

Gary, see that tuna in the cupboard???? Just hand me the can opener.

Dear Spike:
I want to change my look. I was thinking maybe punk? Goth? A wee bit of both, or maybe just try the unwashed Deadhead way? Its cheap!
-Kasey from Des Moines

Kasey, I have been told that my look is really quite sublime--black lined eyes and feet, black highlights and grey and black wildlife printed fur. I team this up with a pink nose and the world is at my feet, believe me.
Forget the Deadhead look. The Dead and Jerry Garcia were dead before you were even born....

Special shout out from Spike to Becky Jo, the truck driving potter, she turns 29 Thursday!


Reverend Awesome said...

I've certainly got the black lined eyes down. It's like we're twins, Spike!

Unknown said...

It's like Spike knows you, KB!

Thanks Spike! ... now everyone knows how young I am! :)

Susan as Herself said...

Spike is right. Black eyeliner is HOT.