Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is........

(zebra pots by Gary Rith)

From Animal fun:
What is black and white and red all over?

A zebra with a SUNBURN!

What's the difference between a horse and a zebra???

The zebra is wearing his pajamas!

What's black and white with red dots?

A zebra with polka dots!!!

And from basic jokes:

A man was driving down the road in the country. He looked over and saw a baby pig in the field. He stopped and picked up the pig. He was driving around town with the pig in the car and a cop sees him and pulls him over.

Cop asks "Hey, What are you doing with that pig in the car?"

The driver says "Well, I just found the pig beside the road in the field."

The cop says" I want you to take that pig to the zoo!"

The driver agrees he will take the pig to the zoo.

The next day the cop sees the guy driving around again and pulls him over. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO TAKE THAT PIG TO THE ZOO!!"

He replied, "Well I did take the pig to the zoo. We had such a good time we are going to the ball game now."


Farmer*swife said...

Thanks for the Morning Chuckle!

Linda Starr said...

I needed a good laugh. Love zebra too.

Knight said...

The perfect jar for black and white cookies!

CM said...

That last one made me LOL.

Giggles said...

Many giggles here....love the whimsy of your zebras pots!

Anonymous said...

Lovely zebras.
I've heard that last joke with penguins. A guy's buddy had sent him penguins and they were driving him crazy. His girlfriend worked at the zoo, so he called her up and begged her to take the penguins to the zoo. She did, and 4 hours later she pulled up to the house, opened the door of her car, and the penguins waddled back into his house. The poor man was flabbergasted. He said, "I thought you were taking them to the zoo!" She said, "I did. We had a lovely time. Tomorrow we're going to the museum."

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

The zebras! The zebras!

Holy wow.