Monday, September 29, 2008


So Wall Street takes a dive and you wonder: will we all be eating dog food someday soon? I mean please, would somebody put their finger in the dike for a few minutes and STOP some of the bad news? There's gas STILL short and expensive, groceries are up (for Us) 50 bucks a week, people losing their houses and jobs, and OH YES, there's that war. Or the two wars I should say. Dang.

So, I am remembering Mad Max in the movie 'The Road Warrior' eating old Dinky Doo dog food from a can and I am gloomily thinking about apocalypses, and what do I come up with? Some fool spent 300 bucks for an empty dog food can from Paris Hilton's little mutt.......


Green said...

Feeling the same way here, Gary. Jim and I went grocery shopping today and spent $206.00!!!!!!! I almost croaked! We even went to a store that normally is cheaper and also bought alot of 'store brand' stuff. Granted - this will last us over 3 weeks, but holy ____! It's just the two of us.

Can you imagine it was $4.59 for a jar of brand name (begins with an H) mayonaise!

I tell ya - it's gonna get worse!


gary said...


Farmer*swife said...

gr, have you gone to Harry's place? If that doesn't get you there then click his link from my place.

He has fab tips on savings and the websites to find them. Printable coupons.

I'm telling you? The first time in three years? I am back down to about an average of two dollars an item on my receipt at the end of shopping.

Check it out. Big Savings!

Tricia said...

Oh that note, I'm so glad I just received a coupon for free canned dog food with the purchase of a bag.

In Atlanta we cant' even GET gas, say nothing about the price.

PS: I showed my mom your gallery today and she's all oohhing and ahhhing for like 10 minutes straight. That green tea set with the pigs in the sidebar...I think she is already envisioning it in her kitchen.

Susan as herself said...

It's all doom ang gloom around us... we need dancing pigs and smiling frogs more than ever, even if we cannot afford the food to put on the dishes!!!

Linda Starr said...

Every time we go to the grocery, everything has gone up $1. So very three months every item has gone up $1. So a package of cheese is up $3 and sandwich meat up $3, but even fuel prices haven't gone up that much.

Time to eat dry sandwiches, make my own bread, grow my own veges and now I am thinking of getting my own chickens. No hope of selling so I can have a dedicated stuido, so I'll have to make due with what I have now.

We are stocking up on rice and beans which is a complete protein and with some canned tomatoes and some spices, um, um good. I am looking for my copy of "Diet for a Small Planet" if I can find it.

I have three cats, I guess I better stock up on cat food too - they are depending upon me.

I have got to check out Farmer's Wife's suggestions.

Miss Heather said...

I can't believe how many blogs you posted on your first day on the new site!! You crack me up!! (And tell Mrs. Pottersblog she looks LOVELY in her pics!! I'm not so sure about you... a little squiggy around the edges... ha ha ha!)

I used to run marathons too... then I wrecked my knee in a bad car accident and have just LOOOVED gaining weight since then (NOT!)... I need some metabolism tips from your wife!!

And you really should add me to your blog roll since we're, like, buddies now because of, like, PayPal and their, like, crappy customer service and creepy ways.


Miss Heather said...

OH... and I think it's rad you have a friend named "Newt" and I have a little turtle named Newt too!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Miss Heather I am happy to add you to the sidebar, and thanks!
The news was talking this am about NO GAS in Atlanta and nashville, and will remain bad for more weeks????????!!!!!!

Giggles said...

Sad....scary. Times they are a changin!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Gary, you can't eat dog food. It's not vegetarian!!

(sorry, just infusing some humor into a sad should see MY grocery bill!!)