Saturday, November 7, 2009


Sure, I was out and about making pots at the Cornell potshop, and then, believe it or not, I did NOT go with plan A, which was to make more pots at home, but you know, I fell asleep, and then we went out on a BIG DATE, more on that Sunday, but crapola guys, ZERO comments on my 2 previous blog posts today? I know I haven't been around to visit your blogs today, but its sorta like I lost MY BLOG MOJO for a minute here.
I know I never do anything or say anything interesting, but zero comments today?
OK, updates all around: I think Sunday will be the end of this blog. I am nearly out of memory. I really have no interest in keeping it, I am the sort of guy who likes the end of the school year, likes the end of the year, likes emptying all the crapola out of my closet and taking it to Salvation Army: I like new beginnings. This blog is 14 months old, and I think a new blog will be fun. It will also be my third in 3 years and 3 months. I post a lot of junk, don't I?
SO, these pics, are, as you see, our various cats biting each other in the kitchen with a beagle helping, and I was trying to take pics of the bell tower at Cornell's library at night. Its pretty striking alright....


Michèle Hastings said...

i understand your pain...i rarely have comments on my blog because i have so many friends who DONT KNOW HOW TO DO IT! they often comment on facebook instead because it is way easier. (i have lots of lazy friends) AND i admit that i read your blog (almost) everyday but dont always comment...
so here is my commentary on your maybe but not necessarily last post on this blog.

klineola said...

I'll comment on yours if you'll comment on mine!?!?

You never lose the MOJO, Gary. and there's never junk here.

Loving every minute of it! ...Loving!

I look forward to reading your ten posts a day. I aspire to your blogging greatness.

Unknown said...

I feel your pain, I get zero comments too :(

John Bailey said...

New beginnings are cool. A bit like horse-chestnut buds but not as sticky.