Friday, July 31, 2009


My cat Spike is a bit of a metalhead. He saw the movie ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL! and came home, had a shot of catnip and wants me to type:
(his paws held in the devil's horns)
\m/ \m/
"Rock on! The scene where it really does go to eleven??? Forking priceless....
A+ for this movie...dig this clip of the band in '84"

Spike makes some plans.....

(as told by Spike the cat to Gary)
"Gonna go to the SHOW tonight and catch ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL! About a Canadian heavy metal group that has LIVED Spinal Tap....I'll give ya the report later, but for now, dig this concert performance from the band in '84....."

people and their kinky requests......

(elephants by Gary Rith and bird and pie dish from some factory)
So my pal Grego is visiting from Canada this weekend and asked if I could make 2 pie birds, except in the form of elephants. And I am like "NO PROBS!" and Grego is like "with the trunk upraised and open to let the steam out???" and I am like "NO PROBS!!!".
Pie birds vent pies. Dig this link, on how to use a pie bird and make a kick azz pie at the same time....

442 photos...

Steve Gallow took 442 photos of me working at the Cornell Studios. You can look at them all!
It just so happened that I was doing a little of everything, throwing, trimming, glazing, putting stuff into a kiln....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Steverino took 442 pictures of me today...

...and you are welcome to look at them all....more tomorrow!!!!
(photos by Steve Gallow, thanks Steve!!!!)

Steverino, Eva, Bill and the day of the bunny

Steve comes by the Cornell studio where I am making stuff today and he has the spiffy HIGH TECH camera stuff and he's like "let's get some pics" and takes 467 pictures of me making things in the studio. (4-6-7!!!!) I have seen about 100 of them so far. One or two look good :) More on all this later. :)
So I say to Steverino after we're done "Steve, it's miller time, whaddya say we slide down the hill to the chapter house for some beers? The missus, Bill and Eva are meetin' me there", and Steve is no fool so he's like "SURE THING!" and we let gravity do its thing and slide down the hill and have the popcorn and whatnot....fab bunch of folks, we just love these guys.
Earlier??? Lookit this bunny. Tormenting my beagle. Just on the other side of the fence eating up our garden. Tis the summer of the bunny alright....


*Nun guts!
OKAY, I work in the back half of the house, and I never like to talk to people on the phone, (I am rather reclusive and anti-social most of the time) but I have a crusty old phone back there and it rang around the Missus' lunch time and I answered with a big "HUllo sweetie!"
but it was not her. It was instead the neighbors over there. I could see their house across the river as we talked.
I was like, to myself, "SHOOT".
So, turns out they have no water this summer. Their house has been for sale for 4 years, and they want a boatload of money for it, although it is, in some ways, a little, you, well, old-ish...
anyway, they have been hauling water from the river this summer. Dry-ish well, do we have that problem.
"UM, NO."
We live in a wet place with a river in back, who would have a dry well, I wonder?

AND, who would be so dumb as to not fix it? You can't sell a house for up to a half million bucks with no water, DUH! So you'd have to fix it to sell it, why not have water at the same time?

OK, but then we get to the nub of the issue. And we are very friendly with these folks, as we are with everybody, really. We walk by all the time with our dogs, and they have dogs, and dog people get to know each other. (although our dogs have never met each other--theirs are fighters) (and our Penny, 22 pounder, thinks she is a fighter)
SO, they need a dog sitter today for their 5 dogs, and I have done it before, and I am like SURE sure sure....
and I can hear them barking at me NOW from across the river and I shall have to go over there....

OK, but the funny part about these folks, friendly as they are, is that although I have heard about people with a bunch of guns and knives, they are the first people's house I have been in. That is full of guns and knives.

They claim their 5 dogs are killers, and I was forking scared the first time I went over there. One of the dogs killed their neighbor's chickens (there is a sweet young couple next to them) last spring. People in the neighborhood, um, may not really like these folks much.
So like I say, walking into this house, alone, to dogsit???? I fill my hands with treats. The dogs know me a little bit, but it scares me. I mean, wouldn't it scare you? The owners tell you the dogs are hunter-killers, and they killed the chickens next door?????

Nice pots down there, wouldn't you agree?????

(pottery by Gary Rith)

Lacuna Coil

And here I thought they were an Italian goth metal band, or was it doom metal or something? This tune gets a lot play lately, and it sounds fantastic--a good hard rock or metal sort of thing with a hot chick on lead vocals, oh yes, HOT...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


HOLY CATS less than 5 months till Christmas!

(mugs and bowl by Gary Rith)
Don't be foolish, shop now! BUY THESE items at my online gallery!


(skinny chip and dipper by Gary Rith)
SO, this couple is hanging out in your doritos and salsa, you don't find that unappetizing do you??????

Bouguereau .... and Daisy are sooooo inspiring.....

rotten cat :-(

There is this cheap red wine we like from California and it comes in an actual bottle (cork too!) with a cute little monkey on it (why else do you think we tried it, CHEAP + cute monkey) and if ya gather up all your pennies and buy 12 at the wine store its like FOUR bucks a bottle. FOUR!
Spike was on table (NOOOO! BAD CAT!) and then he spent the afternoon sleeping in the box....
I had the most absolutely lovely night's sleep, hope you are doing well yourself...

a couple of wee little potlets....

(piggy bank and vase by Gary Rith)

I AM the Sesame Street Generation

In 1969 I was 3 and Sesame Street came out. No doubt that is why:
a) I have a good sense of humor
b) I am brilliant and creative
c) I am NOT Mister Killer Instinct, I am a kinder and gentler dude....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LATER that same day....and KATE and JIM c'mon over!

If life gives you lemons (say a UTI) make lemonade (the cure being cranberry juice!)and after 5, add some vodka, a most healthful drink.
The cape codder!!!!

1 1/2 oz vodka
3 oz cranberry juice
1 lime wedge

Pour Vodka and Cranberry Juice into a highball glass over ice. Stir well, add the wedge of lime, and serve.

Funny story about cape codders. A couple of summers ago a sister-in-law was visiting, and I was helping out at a gallery till 6:30, and the wife sez she'll try baking some new pizza recipe.
I get home, most hungry, and she is busy doing sisterly stuff with her sister (I am the usual chef in the house) and there is NO PIZZA.

There was a scramble in the kitchen and the wife set to it and we ate at about 9 pm....
meanwhile, me and the sister-in-law opened the vodka and cranberry juice, found the ice and limes, and after sharing 2 or 4 (or was it more?) drinkie poos, we didn't really
a) care
b) feel all that hungry

" getting better all the time..."

NOT your grandmother's cranberry juice fer sure...probably the best juice on earth, I have just found out.....