Saturday, October 31, 2009


Not very flattering picture of me or my fat kitten Emily.....
Been a great day, but imagine this. Walking my dog this afternoon, see 3 hunters in my neighbor's BACK YARD headed towards MY YARD and they shoot our direction (ducks or something, but we were just outside the path of the shot). There are houses and people everywhere, and these guys are stalking around behind houses? Got the plates, called the sheriff, made the report and (other neighbors also saw it and called)....whatever might happen next. Shook us up alright, I mean, this is in the middle of a neighborhood in the middle of a village!

a wee little Halloween message, and can you believe Kari's birthday is today???

I went searching for doggies dressed as teapots and came up with a doggy dressed as Sarah Palin, and as you see a couple of other things :)
And now, for Halloween, music to upset your mom and dad, Rob Zombie and a little death metal from Finland...

Friday, October 30, 2009

an afternoon with the junkies....

Some members of my Friday afternoon pottery class call themselves the "pottery sluts" or "pottery hos" but tamed it down and settled on "pottery junkies".
Twas a busy afternoon of making pots and then sliding down the hill to happy hour at the Chapterhouse. The missus of mine came along, look at all her skulls! Carol was wearing these cute tennies and Leslie had on these rather wonderful boots covered with buckles....

getting the a$$less chaps.....

....onto a pot. That was my question: how do you get a$$less chaps onto a pot? So I began doodling this little cowboy. He will get a pink neckerchief and other colors later.
Chapter number, what, 6? Blogging for dummies: use a$$less chaps as much as possible.

My pal in the Carolinas Jen Mecca is really into making boxes, altered forms on the wheel. That meant nothing to me either, although I love making jars and sugar bowls which are similar, but I got one of her boxes and have been thinking, and yesterday made 2 boxes to finish.
SO, as you see below, I threw an enclosed shape, squared it while soft, and then today, half dry, carved out ridges and arched feet, cut the thing apart to create a lid, flanged the lid inside and made the elephant. It looks HOLY CATS awesome. It took me so long to fiddle with it and finish, my mental cash register is like KACHING! This sucker is gonna be expensive...the second will be different looking I think.
And look all the way down, I got a pirate Snoopy shirt! (I was inspired for that after I saw Becky Jo's niece with a Snoopy shirt, but I had to get a BADAZZ one....

and don't you forget it neither!

(mugs by Gary Rith)

Today's big find is Florence and the Machine. WOW! She can belt it out. Wacky videos too.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

the secret giraffe project

(mug by Gary Rith, dog dressed as a giraffe for halloween)
Neither the dog or this mug has ANYTHING at all to do with the secret giraffe project. Remember, its secret!

chapter five: be mysterious!

(mugs by Gary Rith, box with secret giraffe project for Becky Jo)
Blogging for dummies, chapter five, lesson whatever:
Be mysterious. Don't tell folks the whole story. Make them want MORE! Like the secret giraffe project, what the heck is that????
Stay tuned. Maybe I will tell you one day :) And the mugs? On sale now at my online gallery click here or look over on the right.

more action pics from Stevo....

So like I say below, Steve and his family were here Sunday and he got some arty black and white shots. The series below is me throwing a big bowl, this is just a little mug. Steve and his family are just the BEST, and although I did not show symptoms of flu until 24 hours after they left, I hope all of them remain healthy.
I for one feel A LOT better. Sitting up feels like an accomplishment, but dangit, I AM sitting up, breakfast was tasty, coffee was enjoyed, tis a bright new day, oh joy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

swine flu and this family......

I swear I have never felt this awful. The wife had a horrible day last Thursday and started to feel better. I think today was my horrible day and I shall be better soon :)
Don't know what we have had but this is what a symptoms search shows, and it sounds like us:
Swine Flu has the same symptoms as regular flu including:

■Sore Throat
■Respiratory Problems
■Body Aches

Stevo got the shots.....

Steve and his family were here Sunday and he took a boatload of pics. Kinda arty looking, this black and white thing, eh?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

top secret: blogging about nothing can be cool!

Blogging for dummies, chapter 4:
Nothing to blog about because you're sick in bed with a beagle on your chest? Blog it anyway!

I SWEAR that tomorrow I am going to down 50 gallons of coffee and be your usual cheerful and irreverent potter :)

wicked cute elephant pots

I just listed these wicked cute elephant pots on my etsy gallery. Click here or go to the gallery over on the right of this page :)

BOSSY checks in

(mugs by Gary Rith)
There are a few SUPER BLOGGERS out there and Bossy is one of them. I am her featured blogger today, woohoo!

mama and baby

(wee little sculptures by Gary Rith)
If you are a macho and tough guy like me, you may find yourself surprised to be making cute little mama and baby sculptures...

I'm not dead yet...

Feeling much better actually....

Monday, October 26, 2009

blogging for dummies, chapter 3

Chapter 3, lesson whatever: if it moves, blog it!
I am sitting there with the mug of tea, sick as a dog, and Spike, that rebel cat, is quick as you can atop the fridge--NO he is not allowed up there, but anyway, he opens the cupboard and goes in. The door closes behind him. I open the cabinet door and you can see he is fingering the can of friskies up there, rotten little cat... :)